How to sell your home for the best price in Toronto

In this video, we're going to look at what you need to do before the buyers arrive, so they simply fall in love with your home.

When you follow these simple steps, the buyers will reward you with their best offer. Hi, my name is Rosalin Smith-Carr, I'm a realtor here in Central Toronto, welcome to my channel.

Today, I wanted to tell you about how you can stage your house, make it look great.

Here's a few secrets for staging your home yourself, in case you're on a budget and don't want to spend money on a professional stager.

You know, it's no surprise that the kitchen and bathrooms are the top of the list.
They must be pristine and sparkling. Let's start with the kitchen. Get your counters cleared.
his can be a challenge because you have to put everything away that you're using every single day.

Your toaster, your kettle, and any other countertop appliances. You should put them away during the sale. But don't just stuff them in into the cupboards.
Remember the buyers will open those cupboards and drawers so they must look organized at sight. I love to use a bowl of lemons or granny smith apples.
They look fresh, and the need less care than fresh cut flowers.

Ensure that all of your garbage bins are empty, including those pullout bins.
Do expect the buyers to open up all the doors to everything, even down to the cupboards.
I love how good it looks to use those little folding cans, but you can usually pick them up from Amazon.

They really help to get you organized. We all know this is not how you live normally.
It does take a bit of an effort, but the payback believe me is well worth it.

Never mind that the buyers likely won't live like this either when they move in,
just know that when they see how organized it is, they start to picture themselves living in the house.

After all, isn't that what we want? For your bathroom, nice and crisp white towels, and a white bathmat.
These are strictly for show, not for you to use. Just to be popped out only when a buyer is coming to view.
After the showing, you put them away again so that your bathroom always looks sparkling.

To clear the countertops, nothing on display except a decorative vase with maybe some dried lavender, or fresh seasonal flowers.
Perhaps some decorative items in the corner of the tub. And by the way, here's one of my pet peeves.
No raised toilet seats! Keep them lowered.

Let's move on to the bedrooms. We're aiming to make it look like a hotel bedroom.
Everything is very depersonalized, no family photos, no kids, or grandchildren.
I find them to be a distraction to buyers. You want the buyers to see themselves living in your house, don't you?

So by removing your memorabilia, your photos, this helps them focus on the house rather than on your family.
Actually, this point applies to your entire house. How about the closets? Here's a hot tip, the less stuff in your closets better.

So, take out half of the clothes that you don't wear on a regular basis, clear the closet floors, no boxes or bags. Just clutter-free.
This magically makes the closet look a lot larger than it truly is. And here's another important thing to do. To make your house smell better, first replace the air filters.
They can get really, really dirty.

Pop a new filter into your air return. You can pick one of those up from Home Depot or Canadian Tire.
It's especially important if you have house pets.

Often owners are truly nose blind.

You don't want buyers walking into your home and smelling your pet odours.
here's a good idea I got on Amazon. It's a thing called Odor Bomb, it's an aerosol can that comes in ocean breeze or neutral fragrances.
Put it on a stool in the centre of the room and you press the lever.
And when you turn the air conditioner or heating back on when you get in,
it sucks the fragrance into your filtration system and pushes it out through the air filter.

Now, the whole house smells really, really fresh.
inally, your home's front exterior view is the first impression a buyer gets of your home.

Hang a seasonal attractive wreath on your front door with a couple of vibrant potted plants on either side.
A welcome mat is a nice added touch. Regardless of the season, make sure your front and rear gardens are beautifully manicured.

Now, the buyers will reward all of your efforts. If this is your first time here and you find this information useful, why not subscribe to this channel?
Because I put out new videos like this every week. Thanks for watching and see you on the next one.

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