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We especially appreciate your patience and understanding when we were in the throes of indecision. It was wonderful having an agent who understood our needs.

- John and Martha Pluscaukas

We hired an agent because we saw his sign in our neighbourhood.

Imagine our frustration when after three months of having to clean and get the house ready for endless inspections by real estate agents, followed by countless showings to buyers, we had received no offers.

- Harriet Fink

Rosalin, in the short period we had available at the time, zeroed in our preferences immediately and made the whole house buying experience a smooth and easy one.

When it was time to sell, Rosalin was invaluable in helping us obtain the best price possible.

We have no hesitation in recommending Rosalin.

- Nancy Cockburn

Rosalin, you are a “CLASS ACT” and a wonderful supportive person, I would never hesitate to recommend you. Words are not sufficient to thank you.

This was my first move and you took the fear out of it.

Continued success and lucky the next client with whom you list and help.

- Sally Lowrey

Through your approach of educating us in the current market, we really enjoyed the experience and are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Thank you for not taking the easy route through a multiple bid situation and saving us money. This was also greatly appreciated.

- Greg and Melanie Harju

Throughout our delightfully brief endeavour, I was more appreciative of your immediate attention to whatever needed to be done and your scrupulous commitment to times and timelines.

I enjoyed working and chatting with you and it was somewhat of a disappointment to be saying good-bye to you so soon!

- Linda Loth

I would like to thank you very, very much for helping us to sell our house in Leaside.

You helped to make an otherwise very painful and disruptive process much less painful and disruptive.

During this time, you became a real friend.

You were always kind, understanding and of course professional. You earned your commission many times over.

- Catherine Harford, Ph.D.

Thank you, Rosalin, for getting us through what could have been a difficult transaction if the right person had not been there to direct the operation.

But the right person was there – in you!!

- Wendy Hockin

Your astute business practice, your sensitive psychological antennae, and your astonishing work ethic resulted in an entirely successful venture.

- B McKechnie

It wasn’t long after our original meeting that we found the home we were looking for in a very nice neighbourhood.

Thanks for helping make the home one we could afford!

- Kevin Nash and Wendy Nash

Dear Rosalin, 

Many thanks for your kind and devoted help in the recent successful sale of

my summer residence. I appreciate your dedication, professionalism, and moral support very much. The transaction could not have transpired as smoothly as it did (despite the occasional doubts) without your excellent input.

Let us, of course, not ignore the important original contribution of Heather Scott who, with her partner in Muskoka, patiently brought in many viewers and the ultimate buyer; plus, Katherine Connors at the legal office and my indominable daughter, Lisa, who handled all the details leaving me to just sit back and enjoy the show. What a team!

May I wish you a very successful New Year,


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